Listed below are some of the things I can do for you

Product ownership and technical consulting

Product development is smoother when the client’s needs are represented by someone who knows how an agency or development team works internally.

Often we’re quick to assume that internal employees (those already embedded within the company structure) are best for our product development venture because they know the inner workings and politics of the company that we want to work with. In reality, these internal managers are often in over their heads due to a lack of technical know-how, lack of interpersonal skills, or both.

Having someone with both a strong technical background and a thorough understanding of the management involved helps the entire process. Coming from a technical background smooths communication and ensures that information is readily available for the development team and the customer using the service. On both ends this individual is able to explain what needs to be explained in a clear and concise manner.

It’s rare to find an individual with strong technical and interpersonal skills. The combination is rare, and rarer still is it to find an individual with this lethal combination and years of direct product development experience.


In house workshops to understand what is needed

As a result, you'll have uniform, easily interpretable product documentation for agencies and development teams alike, which ensures teams are quoting to the same spec.

Ideation and brainstorming workshops

As a result, you'll have ideas for more and/or better products and services. Ideas to better achieve your business aims.

Ideation, brainstorming and business creativity consultation

Every business and team strives for excellence. Not every team can think of every possible way to solve a problem though. What I provide is a different means to assist in coming up with creative solutions to the problems you’ve encountered.

Lack of creativity often comes from having been too close to the problem for too long. When we approach the same problem in the same manner, we kill innovation. Innovation often has root in approaching the problem clear headed and with a “white belt mindset”.

With my help you will learn how to use different innovative tools to see existing problems in a new light, and optimize existing solutions or even come up with completely new solutions.

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