The experience I've accumulated

Years of programming experience

I started with BASIC, back around 1989-90, using Russian computers called AGAT.

Years of Professional IT experience

I started as a support tech, handling Windows and Linux computers in 2000.

Years of product ownership experience

I've always taken the duties of product owner, trying to figure out what my clients need and how to best serve their and my customers' needs.

Years of product innovation experience

Even in an agency, we've worked with product goals in mind and have always strived to deliver the best possible products.

On top of that I have

Years of experience of managing teams and people

Different tech teams and a sales team.

Different roles performed in IT

Support technician, Project manager, Developer, Product Owner, Tech Lead, and Chief Business Development Officer.

I have:

  • Built websites
  • Built web shops
  • Led teams in creating awesome products
  • Helped launch web-based businesses
  • Helped build startups
  • Organized hackathons
  • Orchestrated brainstorming events
  • Solved varied client problems
  • Held MVP workshops
  • Developed a reputation as an “out of the box” solutions authority
  • Learned to channel creativity to best deliver for clients and their business goals
  • Developed the habit of constantly learning, growing and innovating

I know that whatever the challenge, I'm the one to see the unconventional and unique way of solving it

Let's discuss how you can benefit from my experience