The experience I've accumulated

Years of programming experience
Years of Professional IT experience
Years of product ownership experience
Years of product innovation experience

On top of that I have

Years of experience of managing teams and people
Different roles performed in IT

I have:

  • Built websites
  • Built web shops
  • Led teams in creating awesome products
  • Helped launch web-based businesses
  • Helped to build startups
  • Organized hackathons
  • Orchestrated brainstorming events
  • Solved varied client problems
  • Held MVP workshops
  • Developed a reputation as an “out of the box” solutions authority
  • Learned to channel creativity to best deliver for client’s and their business goals
  • Developed the habit of constantly learning, growing and innovating

I know that whatever the challenge, I'm the one to see the unconventional and unique way of solving it

Let's discuss how you can benefit from my experience