Five things to consider when choosing a new IT development partner

6 minutes reading time. Published 27.04.2020

There are many nuances to consider when deciding which company to pick as your new partner for your next project. I'll try to bring to your attention some things you might not think about and explain why it is necessary to consider those details. If you follow these pointers you'll get most out of the money you spend.

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6 ways how your company can benefit from developing your project like a startup

7 minutes reading time. Published 18.04.2020

Developing your company's next project or product would be much more efficient if you would build it as startups develop theirs. I offer six ways how you can learn from them.

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Why so few web projects are a complete success?

And why I chose to get into this business.

4 minutes reading time. Published 11.04.2020

An excellent product owner is a person who makes requirement transitions from business to development smooth and can translate the response from IT to the business side.

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